Data API not showing email anymore

For me the entire Data API structure changed and the data that it shows is different. This happened like 2 hours ago. Before that it’s been the same for like 4 months. Some fields disappeared and the one that I need is email. When I force it to show with privacy settings it just says “email”: null. Does anyone else have this issue or am I just overlooking something? This happened completely randomly though, I haven’t touched bubble API settings in a while.

Here’s a screenshot of the email slot when forcing it to show(without forcing it to show it just doesn’t pop up):


Any help would be appreciated!

I’m getting the same thing and it’s broken my app! I was wondering if I was going mad when the app has been working fine for months :tired_face:

Yeah I thought the same thing when I first saw it. I was certain the god damn email slot was there before. I’ve emailed bubble about this, they replied, it seems they’re working on it. Hope they get this solved ASAP. I image it’s breaking lots of peoples apps right now.

Hey there @boxy @markthewebdev,

Have you checked your privacy rules?

@johnny I think it must have been a bug on the Bubble servers as the glitch came and went in 12 hours without me touching the app.

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