Data Available to User

Help please,

I am building a user interface for a cloud based customer service app. For each user session, we are pulling data from the cloud database that is relevant to the user and modifying the records. The data is a mirror image of the cloud database except that it only has data relevant to a single user. The data is constantly being rewritten as it pulls updates from the cloud.

I want the data on the bubble app to be specific to a single user session. Is there a way to setup this up. Initially I had the data pulled in a repeating group from a data type API but that was not working well because of repeat group limitations for updates and refreshes. I am using now a database as the repeat group’s data source.

Is this not working or is there any problem with it?

What cloud database are you using, and why not just use bubbles native servers?

Thanks for replying. I haven’t seen an issue yet. I am in development stage and because I am adding and deleting data, I don’t want to find out at a late stage that concurrent sessions won’t work because different users will be working off the same data.

I am using AWS. The app involves a lot of processing so bubble on its own won’t work. Using bubble just for one UI.