Data base loading issues

Hello, I hope somebody can help on this annoying issue! :frowning: Thanks a lot!
I have an api call to the google spreadsheets and it is working fine but the issue I am having is that it is repetitively loading. I have more than 1000 items in data base instead of 91 :frowning:
This is the workflow on the page

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Show your Step 2 logic and conditions

Thanks @artemzheg , here is my second step.

And you double checked that Step 1 returned you 91 items?

You mean in data base have I double checked it?
It is showing here 1,222 entries

Your WF to create things is triggered on page load. So each time you reload the page - you get another bunch of things created

You realize you’re running that workflow on pageload, right?..

So every time a User loads your index page you’re adding new items to the database…

Is that your intention?

Hm, well it is not. My intention is to load data one time and whenever there is a new data in spreadsheets to be updated in my bubble data base.
I have got your point, tnx! but still not sure what I am missing to do in that case.
Can you please give me a hint how this would be worked out with bubble as I am pretty new here?

So you need to find the delta between Bubble DB and your spreadsheet.
Do you have any unique attributes (fields) for each entity (row) in the spreadsheet?

Great, I have just figure out that logic! Yet, I am not sure, how to fix that and load data only once time as this is those are the options in drop down :confused:
Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 12.58.50

sorry if my questions are to basic, I am just a begginer here

I would look into using a webhook from Google Sheets (not sure if it is possible to customise directly in Google Sheets or you’ll need to use 3rd party tools like Zapier). Something like “when a new row is created - send data to Bubble app”.