Data Base Trigger - "Thing Now" and a Scheduled Workflow


I am hoping someone has run into this scenario before and can shine a light on how “Thing Now” works in terms of data base triggers. Let me lay out the example scenario:

  1. There is a scheduled meeting with 5 people - 1 host and 4 participants. Meeting is a datatype.
  2. When the host initiates the meeting, it changes the data field “initiated” to “yes”, triggering a database trigger, which schedules a workflow for the end of the meeting, utilizing “meeting now”
  3. The scheduled workflow will charge all participants of the meeting a certain fee at the scheduled end time of the meeting.
  4. In between the initiation of the meeting and the scheduled end time, users are added to an “attendance list” as they join the meeting, which is a list data field for the meeting.
  5. The goal is to charge only those that joined the meeting, not those that were signed up but failed to attend.

My question is, will the scheduled workflow to charge the participants run on the meeting WITH the updated attendance list, OR does “Thing now” literally mean the “thing” at that instance in time, without updating any changes between the database trigger and the execution of the API workflow scheduled by said database trigger?

I hope I explained this clearly enough, but if not, let me know and I will try to elaborate further. Thank you in advance for any help!

I made a test scenario and it seems that it will run the scheduled API workflow on the UPDATED version of the data. “Thing Now” can change between the database trigger and a schedule API workflow.