Data Base value research

I have a uploaded an excel file to my app database, then i want to do a research in my database based on the user entries, if the values exists the app display them, if not it displays the the closest values, is there any api or plugin who can do this work ?

You can use ‘Do a search for’ with constraints

is that a bubble functionality ?

It is!
You can do something like this:

You add your constraint in the box to the left.

Is that a searchbox configurations ?

No. If you want a search box connected to a reparing group you can:
Add a Input field on your page;
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On your Repating Group. You add "Search for (and your datatype).
Your constraint will be: Any fields contains “input Search value”

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Can i display two research values in the same repeating group ? because my database data is about dimensions so i have width and height values to display after entering research values.

Think you want to search for more than one column in your database? If so, Yes you can search for anything connected to the datatype. :slight_smile:

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