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I’ve set-up a workflow so an order is created when the user clicks next; and I’m wanting to assign the data from that page to the order; however at the moment it’s assigning it to the first order and not the latest (i.e. the order just created).

I also want the data on the following page to be assigned to this same order. Both pages are set as ‘order’ for page type.

I’m sure it’s a super simple fix so apologies!

I may be misunderstanding the problem but . . .

If the page has all the needed data when the user clicks next, simply Create a new thing (order) with that data.

Since the next page is of type order, when the workflow navigates to that page, pass as Data to send the result of whatever step created the new order.


Hi beccijanereid,

  1. For your page or a group as large as your page create a state, type “order”. This will be used to save the order you create. When the page is loaded, it can be empty, and you can, on the button next, have that state updated to the state created in the previous step.
    a. I used a group as more possibilities than a page. Click i on the top left of the groups menu, to create a state; create the state order type order

    b. The datasource of the group can be empty. Only if the state is not empty, can you change the data source of the group (or page) to that group’s state.

    c. On the workflow of the next button used to create the order. After creating the order in step 1; set the state of the group, to the result of step 1.
  2. If you want to pass on the order of that group to another page. Lets say by clicking another button; use the workflow action. Navigation-> Go to page e.g. index. And click the box send more parameters to page and input order and use the group’s state’s order or groups data source to send onwards. Use the unique id as this allows bubble to find the order when you use the URL to pass it on.

    b) on the page index. Bubble has to use the url to find that order. For that page or groups data source use Get data from page url. and select get order from page url and have data type order.

hope this helps, pm me if you need any help.
happy bubbling,

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Thanks so much @TipLister.
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working :frowning: Would toy mind taking a look?
The order is being created on “recipient” and they then move on to "Q1: vibe”
I’ve tested it on the pressing “next + $budget of $100”