Data Center Application + Child Application Setup

We created a data center application to house centralized data and planned on connecting to it via the app connector through a Child application.

We have successfully done that, but only to find out pagination limits the results to 100, but more importantly, we have filters that filter a repeating group that calls data via the app connector and when we adjust the filters it takes SOOO LONG (impossible to work with) that it produces a Bubble error likely because it can’t search that fast/filter that quickly due to the other data center application.

Is there any work around here to have the speed increased to a level that the filtering is like it is filtering the data within the own application itself?

I think the amount of api calls via the app connector plugin as filters are adjusted/changed and new lists of Things are being formed is what’s causing the entire application and setup to bog down.

Any advice really appreciated.

  • Thank you

Search forum for “angolia” I believe it is some kind of third party that makes searching much faster

or it is “algolia” I forget but it something like that

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