Data created by user in a general table?

In this topic: Does Data That Isnt 'User' Data apply to everyone?
Keith and Mnich explain it is easiest to just search for data generated by user by using a contraint ( Created by Current User).
However doesn’t that mean you get an inmense database with everybody’s generated data in it which slows down the user experience?
In my app the only relevant data is data created by the current user himself. Is it not more logical ( and how would you create it) to have the possibility to have every table specific for that use?

As always, thanks for your input!

@keith , Could you share your thoughts on this?

Yes, maybe if you have millions of rows and are searching for 5 rows created by a particular user every time, then you should probably consider putting a list on the user for their particular things.

So for example if they are creating reviews.

You would have a data type of “Review” with all the fields.

And then on User you would have a field called maybe “List of My Reviews” and set it to be of type Review.

But for now, when you DON’T have millions of rows…“Created By” will work just fine.


Really this sort of definitive guidelines are excellent for the ones that do not know