Data display error, images are invisible and cannot be loaded

like if the same user signed in three times at the same time…

SS the database of user type here , and try. current cells users pp , current cells users users pp and current cells users users users pp .

By that I mean SS this : Go to data > data types> user

I have no idea what you’re saying. I tried many things, but nothings has changed…
Can you show me how you normally set up your repeating groups?

You see there is icons on your editor on the far left .Click data , than screen shot the user type , I wonder how you set it up

I have two type of users: User and user. All the data I’ve put it in the user data is types like profile picture, hobbies etc. and the other User is for email, password and signing up stuff.
The way I see it is that: User is a one person signing up and user is all the other users.
Now, should I move all the other data in user to User and set a new data field in user called user of type User??

If you missed this, I mentioned this before:

So the problem you face is probably this let’s say you have user data type and analytics data type under that user . And analytics data type has view_count - number (default 0 ) and listed_count-number (default 0 ) .If you use current user’s analytic’s view_count it wont show 0 that is because you need to create analytics and attach to that user in the creation period. You need to do as follows when creating that user ; step1 >create analytics - step2 > create user and that user analytics = result of step 1 .So in your case you uploaded a profile picture where the item doesn’t attached thus doesn’t show.

could please simplify your feed…

It is already simple , In your case you are uploading profile picture yes , but there is no field that holds that value , you need to attach it . When you create the user . I don’t have the data but I assume you need to do this when you create user in the workflow . step 1) Create a user step 2) Create a user , user = result of step 1 . After that when you upload picture to the 1st it will work


Bro please do what I tell you. You will see

but now at the page when this images should be displayed. the image sources is always empty. But one thing is that in the debugger panel, the image is set as visible

We’re getting closer, now everything is potentially good but image cannot be loaded…

Okay , do this Step 1) Create a user , images = list of images you like to upload . Step 2) create a user , user = result of step 1 . Step 3) go to page , data to send = result of step 2

And at the page level you will do this , This page’s user’s , user’s photos

I don’t have a data type called images

profile pictures are stored in user

You will need to create 1 user table with values , than attach that user table to another user table. So table1 ----------table2 the connection is done via ‘‘result of step 1’’ . So , step 1 ) Create a user , set the profile pictures values to values you like (That is our table1) . Step 2 ) Create another user set the user type of that user = result of step1’s user (That is our table2).