Data doesn't display properly

Im trying to display the stock availability and whenever i create a product and enter all the inputs, when i click on Add Product, it seems not to display the stock when i kept it as Available. It displays as Out Of Stock.

I dont what im doing wrong, as i’ve been trying to figure this out for couple of hours now.

I’ll be honest I’m very confused about what you are doing, this should be the simplest thing. But what I will suggest right now is to use the debugger when you are previewing your app.

Focus it on that dropdown and look at its conditionals, and use the debugger dropdown menu on the right to search for any other elements that might have useful info for you.

Also, what is going on with your create WF? I don’t understand what you are trying to do with the last field. Maybe that’s your issue?

please try to setup like this

Thank you! it works now but i got this Error in the debug.