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Hello everyone,
I have an issue with one of my database’s type.
I’m building a marketplace, and each User who is a seller receives reviews from customers.
I have a type Reviews, and in the type User, I have a field “userReviews” which is a list of Reviews.
On the page product, I have a group dedicated to the seller’s reviews. The group’s data is type User (the seller of the product), and inside, I have a text element with the average rating of all the reviews given to the seller.

To test it, I added reviews to a “test seller” . However, nothing is displayed in my group review, as if there wasn’t any data…
I already checked the privacy settings and there isn’t any role defined, etc.

Thanks everyone for your help !

Hi there, @thomas.gounot… I could be off base here, but because you are testing something that is tied to a user, I believe you would have to use the Run as feature to view the product page as that user. Is that how you tested it?


Hello @mikeloc,
Well actually, the purpose of the reviews is that it’s tied to a user (a seller) but it should be seen by everyone !
However, I don’t know about the Run as feature

The Run as feature is accessible on the Data >> App data tab… select the All Users data type on that tab, and you will see a Run as link beside each email address.

About your issue, if you are willing to share a link to your editor, I’d be happy to poke around under the hood a bit to see if I can help.


Yes, there it is !
I allowed the “Everyone can view”. You can see the “Group seller rating” in the page “produit” (this is a french app).
Let me know of you have questions, I remain available !
Thanks again

Well, the first thing I see is the type of content for the “Group seller rating” group is item, but in your original post, you said it should be User. Could that have something to do with it?

Unfortunately not, because if you look at the “Group rating” , you’ll see it’s a type User (there are many intricate groups). The elements that are important and that display the ratings are “StarRating A” and “Text number of reviews”

I think the data type should be Reviews

Seller’s UserReieview’s List of Reviews:average

Hello @robert, thank you for your answer.

I found the solution yesterday, and it was what you said. The data should be Reviews.

Thanks for your help,

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