Data entries not showing in Repeating Group

As the title says, my entries are not showing in the Repeating Group, but are showing in the database.

I am trying to create multiple new entries after an action occurs (the quantity is based on an input value). I am trying to do this by repeating steps in the workflow with a condition that the step only runs when a value is equal or larger then the input.

By doing it this way it shows up in my database, but not in a repeating group. I can imagine it has to do with the fact that I am trying to use an unconventional method to create multiple things at once.

Is it just a (temporary) bug that entries are not showing or is the method used incorrect? I would really appreciate advice on how to correctly achieve this.

I will venture to guess this is the reason.

Use the do a search expression in the repeating group data source. Make sure privacy rules are not impacting visibility of results

Appreciate your reply. Utilizing the search expression worked, I think I probably linked the Things in an incorrect way. A real rookie mistake, but appreciate your time.