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Data entry for client to transform into specific csv file

Hey there!

I am looking for someone who can build a SaaS based application where I would need to have the following functionality.

Basically, it is a data entry system for companies who need to handle multiple accounts on their own.

  1. Sign Up / Login Area including payment possibilities
  2. Admin Dashboard for the users accounts where settings can be made (e.g. what data entries need to be made, etc.)
  3. the accounts need to have their dedicated area as well where they can enter a specific set of data and from where it can be submitted
  4. this data then needs to be transformed into a specific format within a CSV container
  5. The user gets notified when one of their account has submitted the data to double check or the data is processed further (e.g. sent to FTP or whatever)

I would need an approximate budget for developement costs as well as further information on how to pull this off and build a MVP.

Here’s a video with my explanation:

Data Entry SaaS MVP requirements?

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Hello Sebastian, I’ve just DM’d you!