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Data explort does not work

I’ve read in other posts on this forum people’s complaints about the difficulty in exporting data from the database, even in the context of experimentation. It’s unfortunate that this is a recurring problem, as it greatly detracts from trust in the tool. As if it were not enough not to be able to obtain the generated code, difficulties are still imposed in obtaining the data, even for experimental purposes.

It’s been 8 hours since I exported data (only 15 user records) and I haven’t received any email informing the availability for download. It is already inexplicable to have such a bureaucratic mechanism to make an experimental download of a table with 15 rows. But when that mechanism doesn’t work, it gets even worse.

And to make matters worse, about 6 hours ago I sent an email to support, complaining about the problem. I didn’t even receive an automatic response to my message (sent via the site form).

I think this is all worrisome for anyone with a paid Bubble account.

Can anyone give me a possible explanation for this situation?

Just want to make sure, Are you having personal plan? Because it will not work in free plan.

If you are not received the exported file in email, just go to bubble editor → data → file manager, you can see your exported data type file.

If there too no file then, surely there is something wrong. Try to report your bug on your app with some screens to bubble support.

Yes, I have a personal plan, trying to dev an app to go to the production plan. But Bubble does not make it easy to be confident. The file was there (thank you), but the message I receive when I proceed the exportation clearly makes me to expect receive an email, not to look for a file in the file manager tab (I did not know that I could reach the file there).

What makes me to worry is the fact I receive help not from the paid support, but from the community. I am still waiting for the response from the Bubble support. Nothing so far.

PS: Because privacy issues, I don’t use the same account for production to post in this forum. This account here does not have any paid project in Bubble. I have one just for production.

Kindly ensure your email inbox or spam folder. If no then please report your bug to [email protected]

Hope they will sort out

I regularly export data for backups without issue. With smaller data sets I get the download email almost immediately, with larger data sets it takes longer but there’s a progress bar that shows you how it’s progressing. I think once over the past 18 months a download was hanging up but I filed a bug report and the issue was resolved.

When people export and don’t get the email, it’s usually because the email is going into spam or they are checking an email address which is different than the one Bubble has on record for the account owner.

It is not my case. I have created an email specifically to deal with Bubble support, no previous history, filtering, blockage,… nothing. I tested the receipt of email from Gmail and Outlook, it is ok.

Today, more than 24h after I sent the message, I received a response, saying that the case would be escalated to other support level. Better later than never. At least now I know that I have no problem with my email address. :slight_smile:

OK good luck and please post the resolution.

Any resolution?

It is working fine now. But at that time, it failed, I am sure it was a failure. As this problem is contextualized to the time it happens, once the server problem or limit is overcame, the problem disappear.

However, I still consider it a serious problem for the user (dev) experience, as long as during the developement we need to perform several tests with very small sample of users. Even understanding that the exportation of 100,000 things should be proceeded as it is done currently (because server limits), the same rule should not be appllied to a test with 100 things (for dev purposes).

[sorru for any English mistake, I am not a native speaker]