Data Field in Drop down not pulling to another data type

I have an input where a sites location is input this works ok.
I am then creating an incident and have selected the sites using a drop down,. Again the sites are showing in the dropdown but when i create the incident the locations are not pulling through to the data’s App Data field.
Below is how i have it set up.

I have all the site details inputs within a group which is set up below:

The Location dropdown is within a group that is linked to the site’s data:

The Dropdown is set up as below and the sites locations show:

This is where it doesnt work. When i press my create incident button the workflow to create location and pull the option selected from the drop down isn’t showing. I was expecting “Location Dropdown’s Display” to be an option however thats not there so unsure what i need to select to pull the data into create a new thing:

what do i need to set the workflow for location as so that it uses the dropdowns option as the dropdowns are all blacked out

What is the type of the Location? It looks like it is not Site Information or something that can be created from Site Information (like a field of it or display of it).

The type of the location is Site information

It doesnt allow me to see any of my drop downs when im trying to select Element for Location