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Data field not showing up as sort option for RG?

As some context, this is for what is primarily a COVID screening app. Users fill out a form every day indicating they are fit for work. We are looking to add some general site safety functionality, as a side effect of these daily COVID screenings is that we basically have a list of what location all the employees are working at on any given day.

I have a repeating group showing a list of “COVIDforms” sorted by the person’s first name. I want to have it sort primarily by whether they marked themselves as in danger or not when filling out the new “safety form” which will be emailed / SMSed out in the case of emergency, with the first name sort then applying once the group has been sorted into those three types (safe, unsafe, no answer yet).

The data type “COVIDforms” has a field for “associated safety form”.

But it won’t let me sort by “associated safety form” in the repeating group’s data source box. As far as I can tell, all the other fields show up as options to sort by, but the new “associated safety form” of type “safety form” doesn’t appear as an option. I have tried restarting my computer and stuff if it was some sort of cache issue but it’s still not appearing.

Any ideas?


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Thanks for flagging this! Is it possible to email us at [email protected] with a link to your app’s editor as well as the name of the page/elements you’re seeing this behavior in? This would allow our team to take a closer look and figure out what may be going on here!

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