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Data from API in RG - Add new element to data list

Hello Bubblers!

My issue’s context:
I am receiving a list of Entitys from an API call, which I display in a repeating group of the API call data type. I do not save them to the DB for multiple reasons.
I want to be able to add more Entity to the list via a button.
For that I made a way for the call to return an empty Entity that I add to my list of Entitys (via parameters) when I click the “ADD” button.

My issue’s trouble:
The first click on the button creates the Entity and add it to the list, but not the second and so on.
On button click, the workflow goes like this:
-Step 1 call to retrieve and empty Entity
-Display list in MajorRG “RepeatingGroup MajorRG List of Entitys:plus item Result of step 1”

When I look on the debugger when I click the second time, I clearly see that my new empty element from the call and my previous from the first button click, but the new empty element doesn’t appear at anytime.
Does anyone have a clue on how to handle this?

Thanks a lot