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Data from API - RG in RG


I have encountered an issue on my app, a bit of context!
I have a page that does a GET API call on load and receives a list of objects (parents) with for each a bunch of variables and another list of objects (child).
Once received, I display this list of parent objects in a RG. Each cell of this RG has another RG, for displaying the childrens of the parent.
Both parent and child types are not saved at any time in DB, for app fluidity and WU purposes.
I have added a button in the main RG cell to create a new child inside the parent.

This button is my issue, how could I create an empty child element linked to the right parent while they are just data from API that I’ve displayed?
Furthermore, the user would be able to edit the created child values so it does not remain empty

I tried using states but did not manage to pull it off. Any clue on how I could do it and stay away from DB?