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Data from current user and admin

Hi there -

I am creating an app that creates basketball practice plans with drills and things.

Here it is:

In my dropdowns - I want the data that shows up to be data that I, the admin, have input, or the current user has input in the database, nobody else’s.

Basically, I want to start everyone off with a few drills that I give them, and then the rest be their own stuff that they add.

Is there a way to do this?


You could add an identifier to the data table called type, with options being standard/custom. When you create drills as the admin have the type field equal standard, when a user creates drills have it equal custom. And then when you’re searching for data on the drop down use “merged with” for two searches… one where the type is standard, and one where the type is custom and created by is current user

That is perfect!! Thanks!

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