Data from FTP to Bubble: Is this even possible?

Based on my searches within this forum, it seems if you want a question to die alone, all you need to do is add “FTP” to the title and nobody will touch it with a 12ft pole. Let’s see if we can defy the odds.

I’ve got a product catalog that updates everyday with new information and I am able to download that file via an FTP connection. Obviously, I don’t want to do be manually doing this everyday.

Is the process of automatically connecting to an FTP, downloading that data, and then uploading to Bubble even a thing? This seems like it would be a common request in the community but don’t seem to see any solutions.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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This might worth investigating?

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I would try your luck with creating an external workflow with ‘Make’ aka Integromat


Very interesting, have not heard of this service. Will certainly look into this!

Did you test in API connector?

I have seen others mention the API Connector but have seen zero examples of how it would be done (if it can be done at all?) If you know of something I do not, I’d love to know more!

Tested and it doens’t work. FTP protocol is not supported. So you need to use a third party tool or a plugin
Which type of file will you get from FTP?

Haha, you do have answers about ftp here :wink: Almost viral ! :wink:
Api connector is not a fit for ftp
Make aka integromat is great and has a free plan. I have used the ftp integration but i am not surr how to send the data to bubble, do they have a bubble api integration? (Would be a nice thing to create if not)
My ftp plugin will work for this use case but it has no free plan
Feel free to ask any question about ftp, i looove (s)ftp :slight_smile:

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Make seems like an interesting solution right now as I’m building a price comparison website that will pull from various product feeds both from FTP as well as direct API.

The biggest nightmare I’m facing is figuring out signatures/base64 stuff. Way over my head and the closest solution I’ve found to process those API’s natively is the AWS 4 Connector plugin from FlipList but still had no luck.

Using something like Make seems to make all that stuff easier and then I can have one smooth API call to Bubble.

Having said that, I hate paying for additional services. I like that your plugin has a one-time fee. Happy to pay that. The feeds I get via FTP are in XML. Is it simple to create a workflow that can use your plugin to download new data everyday and repopulate my Bubble DB?

If you get the feed from FTP as XML you could
A) Create a plugin that will fetch the file and save it to Bubble. This is a Server side action and you will need to use Bubble File API (you can find some topic on the forum about it).
B) Use API Connector and Call the file url. Let Bubble parse the data for you :wink:
Which API are you trying to connect that you have trouble with?

I am sorry I didn’t see your question before
The answer was yes it is possible
Let me know how it went?

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