Data in Multi-Step form

I have 18 fields in my order, which are split in 6 slides 3 questions each, first page I take event date, number of guests and event type, I am using show/hide method using next and back button, on clicking next button on first slide I generate a order_id, now on second slide I want to make changes to same order using the same order_id adding other fields

the issue is on searching order_id from result of step 1 gives me blank field, how can I solve this?

hey @gathertreats,

I may be wrong but this step gets the user id from the first step, are you looking for order id?

Maybe you’re running without being logged in as a user so the user_id is blank therefore you’re getting blank.


Thanks for reply, but I am storing User_id from current user’s User_id property but what I looking for is I am generating order_id when User clicks next button on step one, On step 2 I have Food_preference field, Meal Preference and Cuisine _preference, the order_id generated on step 1 I need to search the the order with that order_id and save it as a new entry but the order_id when searched as Result of step 2’s order_id is coming blank, so need help with the same.

I hope I am able to explain my problem here.
Thank you in advance for the help.