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Data in version test

Hi there!

I’m trying to test my app. I populated the database, and if I open the version test from the same browser that my bubble IDE is in, then everything works fine. But if I open it from another browser or computer, then the database is empty. So it seems then that the only way to test the app using another computer (e.g. if I want my colleagues to test the app) is to do it through the live version, which is not ideal.

What’s the best practice in the bubble community for this kind of situation?

Thanks and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

Hi @martinlenweiter :wave:

Sorry, it seems you are doing some mistakes…

When you launch some page from new browser, you need to consider few things like

  • The page data will it be displayed even if you are logged out (by default it will display logout case)?
    if not then you need to login & check once / check Privacy rules too…

Hi Viquar, thanks for your reply. What I was doing wrong was that I wasn’t running the app as a specific user, so there was no data.