Data inheritance

it would be nice if I could say that certain datatypes (in my case an OrganizerRole, a ResourceManagerRole, an EditorRole, a HelperRole and a ReporterRole) descend from another datatype (are supersets of it and can be used in all places that require an instance of that parent/ancestor/subset datatype). In my case it would be a Role ancestor (with no fields itself)

that way I could have a User have a list of Roles and in my UI I could show a RepeatingGroup that would list the roles and I could jump to a page to edit the role properties. I would have different hideable in the properties page, one per-role and I would show one based on some parameter (the rolename) I pass to that page.

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what I mean is that the Repeat Group would have a Type of “Role” and the UI page would also have a type of Role. In fact I could even have multiple UI pages that all have a type of Role if Bubble allows me to set the page name via a dynamic expression (would jump to a page that has same name as the role, converted to lowercase letters)

+1 for some form of data inheritance!

It would be nice to specify an ancestor data type when only common information is needed (in my case it’s two kinds of locations that share a lot of the same fields) and then have a child type when the specific data is needed.

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Definitely needed.