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Data is not saving properly

Hi, I’m fairly new to bubble, so if my question needs clarifying please let me know.

I am currently building a stock market dashboard. When you search for a stock symbol there are inputs that pop up below with relevant information on the stock, with a button to save the stock to a watchlist. I am using an API for most of the data, but for the name of the Stock, it is just a normal input field so you have to type the name. The problem I am having is the “Stock Name” input field is not saving along with the symbol. I will try to walk through the process below.

(1) I made a Stock Data type that has information I want to show in a repeating group. Within this data type, I have “Stock Name” which is text just like the symbol

(2) Next I created a workflow when the button is clicked to save the data. For the name, I created a new stock, chose “Stock” for the type, then set the field so the Stock name would equal the stock name input. I used the same exact process for the symbol.

(3) Here is where I get my problem. when I preview everything shows up except for the name. If you look below at the Debugger it shows that the Current cells stock’s stock name is empty

(4) When I checked the database it seems to be saving separately from the symbol.

Thank you in advance!

I am trying to save the stock name along with the symbol

Hi there, @izayahhudnut… if I am seeing things correctly, it looks like you are creating a new stock in step 1 and then creating another new stock in the step you are showing (step 10 or 11?), and that would produce the results you are seeing (i.e., two new things in the Stock data type).

If what I have said is correct, you could just add Stock Name = Stock Name Input's value to step 1 and delete the step you are showing, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Yes that was it. Thank you so much @mikeloc!

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