Data link user type works only with built in field, not with created by user

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This in an edit of the original post, since I wasn’t very clear with my question (sorry @mikeloc ). So if you are reading this for the first time go directly to reply #5 and beyond.

The issue is I’m trying to display some info using link data, but I’m unable to do it in a normal group neither in a repeating group. I created the link field in the parent data type and checked privacy rules.

The following images may explain it better what I’m doing.

Thanks in advance!!

Example of a normal group. Txt box 1 and 2 working ok, but 3 is not.

Example of a repeating group. Txt box 1 and 2 working ok, but 3 is not.

Privacy settings
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@luisivanortega, I saw your edit to the original post, and since our previous replies don’t really add value at this point, I deleted them so anyone looking at the thread can start fresh. :slight_smile:

Any chance you can share a read-only link to your editor so we can poke around under the hood a bit?

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Sure thing, I’ve just DM the link. Thanks @mikeloc :pray:

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So, @mikeloc was kind enough to help me out, it was a mistake on my side. I didn’t fully populate the data in the field I wanted to display, here is Mike’s answer:

The issue is exactly what I thought it might be. If we look at the data source for the normal group, it is pulling the last item in the Empresas data type. If we look at that item in the database, its Producto field is empty.

Therefore, the expression Parent group's Empresa's producto's nombre evaluates to nothing because the parent group’s empresa doesn’t have a producto. If you want to see something show up on the page for that expression, add a product into the field I highlighted in the screenshot and save the record. Then, the associated producto’s nombre will show up. Make sense?

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