Data loss for some users

Hello friends…

I have a little problem with my application published on Google Store.

Some of the users report to me the loss of the data they entered.

Indeed, my application on their mobiles resets to 0 (like an application that has just been installed).

Do you have any idea about this problem? And where can it arise?

Hello @souadbelakhdarrb

My first impression while reading you is that an application on Google or Apple doesn’t change the internal content of your program since it uses the Wrapper method. I must admit that this is very strange. You’ll have to put indicators everywhere to monitor the time when everything is fine until the reset. Keep us informed of your developments.

First of all thank you for the answer…

1- I just identified one of the users who reported this problem to me and asked him to re-enter an entry.

2- I gave it the value “kk” on the “Slug” column (see image below) to keep it distinguished.

And I will follow him closely to conclude if the data loss comes from the “Bubble” base or his mobile.

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Are you not having users create/log into accounts?

Hello Mac2…

Users do not log in by accounts…

I think they are identified through the Gmail accounts they use on their mobiles when they install the app from “Google Store”.

Ahh so you’re using Google OAuth within your app?

Yes … It was installed by the supplier who made me the “Wraping”

Hmm…who wrapped your app? Something isn’t adding up.

I will contact my wrapping supplier and I will return the answer to you once obtained

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