Data missing through bubble API

Hi! I’ve been working on an app that I just launched a month ago and today when I had a big marketing launch, the recent bubble incident yesterday today seems to have caused lasting data integrity issues at an API level to my app.

More specifically, going to my bubble API, I see data missing which is breaking the downstream workflows with my custom APIs. The data is still available and accessible it the Bubble DB. However, I am not able to access newer records through the API. I have downstream workflows that rely on this data to come through.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I’ve got over 250 users already impacted and growing.


Can you verify privacy rules aren’t the cause?

To do this check “ignore privacy rules” and search for the exact data you seem to be missing and if it populates then your issue is there rather than with bubble.

This is the most common issue I see which is why I’m recommending checking it.

Thanks for your quick response.

That was the first thing I checked. To be clear, I am referring to the bubble endpoint (similar to https://{mybubbleapp}/api/1.1/obj/{table})

I had this working for weeks before I launched. Some records are accessible through the API and I was able to intermittently resolve it for an hour or so by deleting older records. Which leads me to think this has to do with volume of data being created in bubble? But I don’t see any such limitations on the paid tier I’m on.

This had to do with Bubble’s default pagination. It defaults to 100 records per page.