Data not been pulled from API call using API connector

Im trying to extract the administrative_area_level_2 from the google maps api as below:

When i call the api however that part of the data isnt displayed as below:

Any ideas how i can extract that data.

Here is the data displayed in a full api call on hurl,it:

As you can see the administrative_area_level_2 info does exist.



OK, i have worked out that its because the administrative_area_level_2 is within an array within the call results, however i cant for the life of me figure out how to access it

Don’t know if it’s related to but I just made it available from Google’s address.


Im not too sure what you mean by that. Could you please clarify. Sorry for been a little slow.

I added what you asked for by email, if i’m not mistaken :wink:

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Oh apologies, i thought thats what you meant however i couldnt see the option when i just checked. Ill close down and look again. Your a life saver!!!

Found it. Works. Spot On

can you tell be how you got it done. I am looking for extracting sublocality_level_1 and administrative_area_level_2