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Data not display trough my website


I put my website online with Godaddy and my data is not displaying… After searching on this forum I have seen that some persons are facing problem with cookies regarding the browser but I just don’t have anything on every browsers.

As you can see on my bubble preview it’s working well:

On my website it’s showing nothing :

Do anyone know why ?
Is that DNS related?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Best Regards,

One issue I encountered while transferring onto a domain was that some things don’t work due to privacy issues (such as anything to do with user location) if your website doesn’t have SSL (https://). To get an SSL certificate on your website, you have to upgrade to the Professional plan.

@danp1995mail Hi,
Thank you for your reply but I don’t think it is related to privacy/ user location… it’s images and url linked stocked in my database and nothing is displaying.

With Bubble, you have two “Databases”. Your Live one and your Testing one. Maybe this data is stocked in your testing database but not your live database?

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