Data Not Linking (Canvas)

Hi there,

I’m working on a project on bubble, and I’m trying to create a repeating group of products. I’m using the Canvas template, and when I link the data to my repeating group, and then go to check in a preview, nothing shows up.

I had this problem when I was first starting, and I know it has to do with Privacy Rules…but with Canvas there is so much built in functionality that I’m afraid to edit the Privacy Rules in fear that it might mess something up down the line…

I’ve attached an image of the privacy rules that are attached to my user app data…please let me know if you need any other pictures…or more information. Thanks so much

@jakemstrauss right now all your users can see each other, even logged out users, but that only allows them to see the ‘user’ data type’s fields. Not necessarily the products you are trying to show.

We’d need to see a little more of your setup to narrow down the issue. Are you using a ‘products’ data type? If so, a picture of its privacy rules would help, and a picture of your repeating group setup would be useful.

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for the response…I figured it out. It was a data source issue.

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