Data not pulling in/displaying from SQL Database Connector

To start off, I don’t know a whole lot about app development so forgive me if this is an easy fix.

I am trying to create an app for my business that will speed up pre-filling contracts (real estate)

Step 1: The data is stored in an SQL table. I want to query the table based on the mls_number (each properties unique id).

Step 2: I want the data that comes back from the query to be displayed prefilled in form inputs, where I can verify the values, and correct them if needed.

Step 3: Source sql data never gets changed, but I send step 2 data, altered and unaltered, to a new table to keep as a log, and to the contract program for auto fill. (Not here yet)

My current issue is with steps 1&2.

I have my sql database connected, and with a mls_number query. It seems to at least partially work because the query sends back all of the column labels.

I input an mls number into the field, and press the button, which should trigger the query.

But the 2 fields I have below the button which should display the query result data for that specific column don’t change.

What am I missing?

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@ilyafish you are referencing the parent groups data but I don’t see where you are sending the query result data to a group.

Create a second step in your workflow to ‘display result of step 1’ in the parent group the inputs are referencing.