Data Not showing up in repeating group

Hello, so i have created 2 data types named “post” and “post content” added a few fields in first along with a field named "post content(data type)"field combining two data sets.

Now when I use the “post content” data type directly on the repeater group and text and image elements it worked fine but when I retreive the same data from “post” data type using the “post content” field in it, nothing shows up, there’s just white screen.


Share your dynamic expression, it’s hard to investigate without it :slight_smile:


My Repeating Group Expression


Privacy rules?

Did you create a Content and set the Post’s Content to the created Content when you created the Post?

Publicly Visible

Didn’t really get your point but I’ll explain. I created a data type named “post content” I added few fields like “text” and “image” fields. Then I created another data type named “Post” and added fields like “is-video(with a yes/no value)” and “is photo(with a yes/no value)” and a field “post content(with data type"post content”) in it and yes all data types are public and no privacy rules there.

Here’s a visual representation:

But have you checked the Post content field on the Post isn’t empty… and have you used the debugger to find out?

I have checked and definitely it’s not empty… another evidence to that is when I use the “post content” field directly, it’s showing up. Also the debugger doesn’t show anything.