Data not working on deployed version


I recently deployed my app and noticed that data isn’t being properly updated on the deployed version but is working fine on the test version.

The data is set up so that when a user clicks ‘submit’ an external api call is made and it navigates them to an ‘interim’ page

once on the interim page the api call takes around 30 minutes and then the ‘training done’ field in ‘trainingstatus’ data is to be set to yes. After it is set to yes the user will be navigated to the next page.

The problem I am having is the ‘training done’ field is not being set to yes on the live version of my app (it is being set to no) even when the api call is successful. the the callbacks aren’t working and data isn’t updating to what it should be. But works fine in test version.

Your external service you are using, sounds like it is sending a webhook back to your Bubble app? If so in that URL remove version-test/ in it.

works now thanks!

See if your service has a sandbox mode or some other way to also put in your test URL because now if you try anything in your dev version it’s going to send the webhook to your live version

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