Data of another Type not showing

hi this is my third time asking this but it will be much clearer this time around, i’ve got screenshots

so i have two datatypes; “VIDEOPOSTS” and “TRANSACTIONS”
i want it to be so that whenever another user clicks on a users videopost, there will be a new transaction that is created, as to save the info of the person who wants to watch the video.

here are the datatypes

video posts (you can see i have in there for it to save a list of transactions)

i then have when a person clicks on the video thumbnail that a new transaction gets made

then the chart i want the uploaders of the videos to be able to have access to is like the following, showing the video title, # of purchases (transactions), and the total earnings (transactions customers * video price)

…and even though i can see that a new transaction is technically being created…

theres still nothing to be shown in the table

can someone help me on this one? it’s got me stumped . thanks!!

Hey @artreggie

In your workflow (the one where you create a new Transaction), add a Step 2: Make changes to Current cell’s Video Post > Transactions add Result of Step 1

Hope this helps

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you’re an angel!

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