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Data on lists segmentation


Let’s say i have a multidropdown element with this static list of options::


My users can select up to two options and save it on a field on their account. I want to design a page that shows two things:

  1. What options are users selecting
  2. Of those options, how many users have selected each one

Whats the best way to display this information?

  1. Are you looking to see what options each User has selected?
    If so you could have a Repeating Group of Users, and in it have the text “Current User’s List of Saved Items” to see the Items a User has selected

  2. Really depends how you want to see and use the information. Overall though the :count function will help you out here.
    In a Text element, you can put 'Do a Search for Users (constraint: Saved Items contains= Item Name):count to get a specific count based on a single item

Or instead of using a static Item Name in the Constraint, use Dropdown’s Value, and have a Dropdown with the Item options. Then you can select the option from the dropdown and it will do a count based on that specific item

You could probably use these counts in a Chart element as well to get a better visual representation of it

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That sounds good! I will try this and get back to you with the resutls! =)

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