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Data on page not getting updated


I am facing some issue where data on my pages (especially repeating groups) are not getting updated in time. Sometimes they don’t get updated at all and I need to refresh the page totally to see the data updated.

I saw a few threads where people faced this problem and those were apparently resolved in past. Here are a few threads I saw:

Is anyone else facing this problem?
(I saw another user complaining about similar issue in another thread: Bubble Editor Ideas and Suggestions - #152 by gianluca1)

I am deliberately not reporting a bug for this with @support, as bug form asks for steps to reproduce etc, and in my case it happens often but not all the time. And in absence of being able to show a “definitively reproducible bug”, the team refuses to accept it as a bug itself.



Hi @mghatiya, thanks for sharing this. Before my reply in “Bubble Editor Ideas and Suggestions”, I also posted a couple similar threads but the problem is still there.

The below thread was tackling the specific topic of a RG not updating:

I quote the comments from @aj11 in the above thread:

Blows my mind that such clear bug in the fundamental functionality of Bubble would be completely and intentionally ignored, but here we are.

The below thread was instead tackling another type of missed refresh (not depending on RGs):

The above problems a major issue for the 2 apps I built in Bubble as they rely on a user opening the app and finding updated info without the need to reload the page.

cc @allenyang @emmanuel

This is becoming a serious concern for us. We have a group of customer support executives who have a screen to work on for latest tasks. These tasks are shown in a table (Repeating Group). The tasks keep getting added/modified on a regular frequency by multiple people (Other executives, and the taskers performing tasks)

Their job depends heavily on the table in the screen showing correct values. The data are not getting updated, rows are having some columns right, some columns wrong, custom states are not getting set correctly :frowning:

How do we get Bubble team, community etc get more attention to this issue?

Is it possible that there is something wrong with our setup? In what ways? I have checked in multiple ways.
Could it be because I migrated my page to new responsive engine? Are RGs in new responsive engine slow to update?

Hi, all the cases I posted above were not in the new responsive engine so I believe it doesn’t make a difference. You might want to try to open a bug as, over here, nobody is caring.
Good luck and keep me posted please.

Thanks. I’ll try. But from my past experience Bubble support won’t support on this at all until I give them steps to reproduce the bug reliably. (My rant about that here)

Unfortunately, the bug occurs in my production setup when multiple people are accessing the portal at the same time. And it happens very often but not always.

Try to record and share with them a video that captures the bug. I know they have a policy “we don’t take actions if the problem doesn’t take place every time” but it’s worth trying.

I have reached out to them. Let’s see. Yes your idea of video is good too. Will try that if it comes to that.

Meanwhile I have also posted another thread to ask people if there is a way to manual refresh just RG without reloading page. (Manual refresh button for RG data)

And while doing this I also got to see another thread where a person was facing issue of data not being updated in RG (Manually refresh data group?)

I found one thread where another suggestion was given. I am trying that suggestion now. Will check it today how it goes. You can try in your application too to see if it works in your case. Here’s the solution:

Hi, thanks for sharing but for me it doesn’t work. I tried adding a “go to page” every 5 sec and also when the app is back from idle. RGs do not refresh in 50% of the cases. (they don’t refresh at all even after a few minutes). I must revert to the ugly refresh page.
It is really puzzling me that we are the only ones with this problem. Either the entire Bubble community don’t care about a huge problem or our apps have some specific problem. Mine is wrapped with BDK but I was told that a wrapping cannot interfere with the bubble page pinging the server. Is your app wrapped?

Yes my app faces same issue . It’s wrapped with BDK as well.

@gianluca1 in your case, does a full page refresh solve the problem?

Has anyone seen that migrating to the new responsive engine definitely solves this problem? Our app is really complex single page, and the migration would be huge effort…but if it definitely fixes this massive issue for us, we would do it.

Also, has anyone figured out steps to replicate this 100% of the time? Many of our users complain about it, but I cannot for the life of me replicate it in the Dev version.