Data Organization Advice - Stuck

Hi All,

I’m stumped on the best way to organize the below data. I can’t seem to think of a way that creates less data storage / complexity than the others.

What I have so far:

  • Users can create a thing type “Pet” that ties back to them.
  • I have a static list of health “To Do’s” that are categorized by thing type “Life Stage” (puppy, junior, adult, etc.). Some To Do’s apply only to one life stage, some to multiple.
  • Based on the “User’s” “Pet’s” “Life Stage,” I display the appropriate “To Dos.”
    *To display them in a specific order, I have a field in each To Do for each Life Stage so I can number them for each Life Stage: “Puppy #”, “Junior #”, “Adult #”. Something that is 4 for a Puppy might be 7 for an Adult because Adults have more To Do’s. I’m not happy with this but it gets worse…

I need to store and display Y/N responses for each of these by pet. I envision it as a health checklist, where users can check off Yes when they’ve completed the task for the specific Pet. FYI Users can have more than one Pet.

An RG would display:
TO DO / Done?
[To Do Text] / [Dynamic Checkbox]

I created the below which is terrible. What’s a better solution?

  1. Each “Pet” has a field for every single To Do, for all “Life Stages.” For example, “Puppy 1 Y/N”, “Puppy 2 Y/N,” “Junior 1 Y/N”, “Junior 2 Y/N”. However there are about 15 To Do’s for each life stage.
  2. I thought I could try to connect “Puppy 1 Y/N” to a To Do that has a “Puppy #” = 1.

I am just not thinking about this the right way.

When a new pet is created, should I just create new To Do’s for each pet? But then there will be so much text stored in my data…

Thanks for your help :sweat:

Hi @jamie, here’s what I’d do with your database:


  • Life stage (Life Stage)
  • Name (text)
  • etc.

Life Stage

  • Name (text)
  • To Do’s (List of To Do’s)

To Do

  • Name (text)
  • Number (number)


  • Completed To Dos (List of To-Do’s)
  • Pet (Pet)

Number the To-do’s from 1 - End, regardless of Life Stage. I hope that’s not complicated to figure out, but I think it should keep this easy for you. If Puppy and Junior have To-Do’s 1-5, but not Adult, that’s fine. Adult will start at 6 and that’s the first number for that Pet’s Stage. Your repeating group can display the index # , which always starts at 1, instead of the To-Do #.

Add To-Dos only to the Life Stage they belong.

For the checklist, create a new Checklist record per pet (and if needed, per pet’s life stage). As the user checks the box in the To Do repeating group, this record gets updated: “Completed To-Do’s add current cell’s To-Do.” This way it’s way more dynamic and you don’t have to have a billiondy (technical number) fields.

PS - one thing you could adjust if you want is the To-Dos. You can add another field to that type for Life Stage. If the numbering is less confusing with each To-Do unique to the life stage and you don’t mind having three “Get pet’s teeth cleaned” (one for each stage), then you can do that too.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!! I really appreciate you taking the time. This is so much cleaner!