Data Outcome Style - All Field Type in One Row


I have created a reading speed calculation application similar to a survey for 4th-grade elementary school level. On this application, students write their first name, last name, and the class they attend on one page. Then, on a separate page, they read a story and the application records their reading times while they are reading the story. Finally, on another page, students answer 3 questions about the story they read.

The application works quite well, but it doesn’t provide the data in a format that is useful for me. I want to see all the information for each student (first name, last name, class, reading time, answers to questions) side by side in a single row, but the application provides this information with spaces in a table.

The image below shows the data style presented by the application:

The image below shows the data style I want:

Can you help me see the data in the format I want?

Hi there, @Layda… it would probably help if you could share screenshots of your workflows, but if I understand your post correctly, it sounds/looks like you are creating a new thing in the database when you save data on each page. What you should be doing instead is creating a new thing in the database on the first page, and then on each subsequent page, make changes to the thing created on the first page rather than creating a new thing. Does that sound like what’s going on?

Hope this helps.