Data Parser Plugin - Unexpected Error

Has anyone run across this error message below from the Data Parser Plugin and, if so, how did you deal with it? The message says to report it the author which I will do.



The plugin Data Parser / element Data Parser threw the following error: UnexpectedError

Expected a string, but got a object (original data: {“type”:“FieldMismatch”,“code”:“TooFewFields”,“message”:“Too few fields: expected 6 fields but parsed 1”,“row”:11})
at D (
at Object.JS_to_bubble ( (please report this to the plugin author)

I don’t know what the “Data Parser” plugin is, but it expected 6 fields on row 11 and only parsed 1. As a result, it didn’t form the string the output is expecting and the plugin threw this error instead.

What’s on line 11 of the data you’re parsing? (Answer: Not 6 fields, I guess.)

I have a little bit of experience with this plugin.
It will be the structure of the spreadsheet or could be that you have empty rows. Try filling the empty spots with a 0

If that doesn’t work I’d be happy to have a look.

I gave up on importing spreadsheets as it’s one of bubbles really weak points.

Thanks for the reply. The Plugin returns three states for its element - blocks, headers, and errors. I’m expecting to see any errors show up in the errors state. I’m not expecting the app to fail on an unhandled error. I also don’t know how to handle errors in Bubble. I couldn’t find any guidance on that subject. I may not have looked hard enough.

Chad, thanks for the reply. When I first got the error message, I added a row in the spreadsheet with made up data. I then tried using the Plugin and got the same error.

I just saw a contact for the developers. I’ll send them the info I have. Whatever response I get, I’ll post to this thread.

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