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Data role is being defined for the wrong Thing


In the Edit mode I try to define a new role. But after I create a new role it appears not for the selected Thing, but for the last Thing in my list of things.

The page reload helped

Here is how I produced it:

Initial conditions. Anything worked well. I defined some roles for different things. The last successful creation was for the “Wizard” thing (the last thing in the list).

Very interesting. Have you filed a bug report?

For what it’s worth, I could not replicate this on my end.

Probably it is something with the browser or JS code. I’ve made a lot of changes in the roles before this bug. Page reload helped.

But it was hard to understand where all my new roles go. :slight_smile:

What happens when you fill in the Master role with a criterion? “IF Current User is Logged in” would be a simple test. Right now the “Click” input box is red, signalling it is not complete/correct.

I’ve done this test. Nothing changed.

Yes that makes sense. I noticed in the video when you were clicking back to Wizard after adding the Step privacy role the word Step in the list to the left was still highlighted blue

This indicates there is a bug of some sort on your end. I noticed a few months ago I had to disable ad blockers on all Bubble domains in order to prevent random JavaScript from being blocked by the browser.

Maybe. Not sure. Highlighting disappears after the delay. I think it is normal behavior. I tried to switch between different Things and it doesn’t affect the result.

Wishing you luck! I’ve been reading Bubble is experiencing a few strange issues this past week in regards to data handling. It could also be a delay communicating with the Bubble servers here in the US — not sure where you are but I imagine if there is lag on Bubble’s end + lag due to distance + browser JavaScript lag you could be clicking around too fast for Bubble to know which Data Type you are trying to apply the privacy role to.

Thank you! As I have written, page reload helped me. However I’m leaving this topic here in case if somebody experience the same.

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