Data search parameter question for repeating group

Hey all,
I’m working on an app for the emergency squad I run with. One function i’m working on is a repeating group on the landing page that shows the chores for the crew for the day. My question is, how can I go about setting the repeating group up to search and display chores assigned for that day of the week? I’ve created a new data type for “chores” which includes;
-Day or night shift (Will filter 6a-5:59p for day shift chore, 6p-5:59a for evening chore)
-Day of the week (Chores are the same every week)
-Chore description
-Completed? (button to confirm said chore was completed will indicate a yes in the data table)

Everything is set up, but racking my brain on how to set the group up to search for chores assigned for that day of the week. Any input?


Hi there, @creiger… here is an example where the days of the week are defined in an option set, and the day of week field on the Chore data type is tied to the option set. Here is the constraint on the repeating group’s search.

Here is the filter on that constraint.

Here is the date format on the filter.

Hope this helps.