Data setup to avoid multiple shows in dropdown

I have a database of hotels and hiking tours. My users should be able to select a hotel and a hiking tour from the dropdown and then rate the tour. My problem is now, that when I select a hotel in the dropdown, the dropdown to select the tour shows every hiking tour multiple times because in the database each tour is connected to multiple hotels.
How can I tell bubble to only show each tour once in the drop down?
Or: How do I have to build the database to have each tour only once but can still connect it to several hotels?

Thanks a lot for your help

I’m not sure how your database is set up… or what your dropdown datasource is… but you should just be able to show the selected Hotel’s Hiking tours in second dropdown easily enough without there being any duplicates…

But, as things are, you can just add :unique elements to the datasource if you don’t want to redesign your database or change your datasource.

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worked well. thanks