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Data Source using Contains

Hi all,

Thought this would be easier but feel like I’m messing up the syntax. Hoping someone can help.

I’ve got a field in my database called “InteractionCompleted” which can have one of four values. I’m trying to use the Data Source option to find values that are either “Scheduled” or “In Progress”. Basically…

Show all Interactions that are set to either “Scheduled” OR “In Progress”.

However when I try variations of this approach, nothing is returned. I can only set one or the other, but not both using “OR”. See screenshot.

Can someone advise on the proper syntax/approach for this?

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Have you tried placing the InteractionCompleted as a :filter on the search? I typically accomplish these kinds of queries with the :filter->Advanced when needing OR, AND, XOR, etc.

Search for AccountInteractions (constraint InteractionCompleted = Scheduled) :merged with Search for AccountInteractions (constraint InteractionCompleted = In Progress)

This means you merge two searches, each with different constraints. This will also allow you to keep the search on the server side, whereas the :filtered modifier would take it to client side and could slow things down. Don’t get me wrong though, the advanced option under the :filtered modifier is super helpful in certain cases.

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Perfect. Knew it must be something simple. Per your guidance @romanmg I implemented the following…

“Do a Search for”
My first set of constraints

:merged with

“Do a Search for”
My second set of constraints

Worked just the way I wanted it to.

Thanks for your responsiveness and guidance.

p.s. Just signed up for newsletters. Cant wait to see your tips/tricks


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