Data Source with "or"

Hello, i have 2 fields “name” and “last name” of each user.

I’m using a Repeating Group to show all, and a input fild to type either name or last name you’r looking for. I can filter the data source by one or the other, but not both… is there a way to search that the results contains either names or last names with the inputed string??

Thank you

There are quite a few ways to do this, and they have varying degrees of speed/set-up time.

An easy but not-really-performant solution is doing two "do a search for"s and merging them. This works decently if you don’t have a lot of data base entries, but might start slowing down if your app scales.

You could also set up a redundant field which is Name + Last name which would act as your search field. This would allow you to retrieve your desired users by doing a single search, rather than two. You have to set up workflows to create this field when a user signs up, workflows to correct this field if a user were to change names. And if your app is already live, you need to create this field for existing users.

I am sure there are other ways but this could get you headed in the right direction.

Can’t you just use “any field” constraint while doing a search?
Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 00.25.57

Like "any field contains your input’s value

Will try your second option, i think it’s the best way

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