Data Sources for Group within Repeating Group


My app has two pages, the first one is where users select a “need.” Once they select it, a new “thing” is created which includes that need name. The second page has a list of those things (called “orders”).

I’m trying to create a group within that list of “order repeating groups” to show a different set of information tied to the needs. I thought this would be easy, but I keep getting an error. I feel I’m missing a key part of how data sources work, but I don’t quite understand what. I’ve read the guide multiple times, and I don’t know why this isn’t evaluating to let me show a need within that repeating group.

Hi @beaverlodge!

A group by definition holds one singular thing. The expression you are using is incomplete as it likely evaluates to a list of needs. (hover your cursor over “search for needs” and you will notice that it informs you that it evaluates to a list of needs.

Try finishing the expression with :first item

This allows you to choose the first item of the search of needs that complies to the searches constraint for the row. So it will evaluate to a single need (because you are in a group that needs one thing … not a list of things).

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