Data structure for scheduling app

Hey, I’m building a gig economy app for booking and scheduling services (e.g. cleaning, gardening). Payments etc are up and running, just trying to understand how best to approach the scheduling.
I’d be extremely grateful if anyone has any experience or suggestions for the following questions:

  • Data structure for scheduling. How best to structure the data for my worker’s availability? Is it best that their availability is managed by exception (i.e. I only record available/busy slots in the DB) and if so, how do I record this? For example, should I have discrete timeslots of say 30 mins or should I use date ranges? In practical terms, this would mean they either select “I am free between here and there” or “I am free for slots x,y,z”.

  • Calendar data entry. What’s the best way to input dates/times for availability? I’ve looked at repeating groups and some of the plugins but nothing stands out as particularly user friendly. I’m currently using repeating groups with Toolbox for the date picker so they can select days and available timeslots but its rather clunky.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated :slight_smile: :smiley:

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