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Data Structure Management

Hi everyone
I have been trying to solve this issue that I have been facing for sometime and it is just not clicking how I can go forward with it. I have a system where I need to create a freelancer who has multiple skills and takes projects for each of those skills. He is then rated on the basis of the projects that he delivers on these skill sets and there is a separate rating that he has for each of the skills that he is enrolled for.

So I have a user type freelancer and he has a list of skills, each skill needs to have a separate rating which is updated whenever a new project is delivered or rated. how do I create this interconnected data structure.

Also I have another such situation where I want the freelancer to add the number of hours he/she is available for in the next 7 days so he answers by adding the details on each weekday which again generates an option set connected to a response set