Data structure speed

Hi all

After some advise on how best to capture some information. I am working on a schedule/booking system.

As part of the requirements I need to know the users shift pattern.

Do they work Monday AM (yes/no)
What start time for AM (time stored as seconds)
What end time of AM (stored as seconds)
Do they work Monday PM (yes/no)
What start time PM
What end time PM

Then repeat for Tuesday through to Sunday.

As you can see there is 6 answers per day so 42 in total for the week.

Is it best to have a new thing (Work Schedule) to store each day individually.

Is it better to have 1 new thing and save all answers as one line?

Or is it better to add all 42 to the user and not bother with the extra table.

The issue I am having is that eventually this is going to scale upwards to 500 users, I want optimal performance for the user.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

(A general example of what i use this for)
User picks a start date from date picker And a option of am or pm.
I then extract weekday number
Find weekday number in data along with the am or pm time based on separate drop down.
Add time to date picker
Returns actual start date and time