Data Structuring

Apologies in advance this is prob really basic but I have been struggling with it for the past two days.
I am building a data base that is also a market place so my main user needs to fill out a questionnaire which is 5 different sections. I have separated these into groups and have them where they appear and disappear according to the order. (if not it would be endless scrolling).
I have create a new thing on the first group now when it goes to the second I have set it up as make changes as well as create new and none of these options are storing the data that needs to be stored.
Help please!

ps I had auto binding and that was making the data disappear before even saving it and the work flow kicked in.

Before I had different types per category and then the fields with in but then the problem was that the user was not grouped together as one if not it would create separate ones.

Hey there! :wave:

I know it’s frustrating to spend days on something and still not figure it out. Let’s see if I can help. :blush:

There are a lot of different ways to do this, here is one way.

If you create a set state (I would set the set state on the page) as your data type, then the first step would be creating a new thing, saving your data to that, then sending it to your set state. That way you can access it from anywhere on the page, even if you are in another group.

So the next step in your process you could just make changes to a thing and reference the thing you sent to that set state.

So the set state just basically holds the data you send to it for you, so then you can access it easier in other places.

Hope that makes sense.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thank you for that response.
So the data type - state could be “profile” and then I create a new thing “profile” and then I modify the "profile " with the work flow am I understanding correctly?

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Yeah. I think that should work. Try it out. :blush:

Let me know if you get stuck.

It didnt work :confused:.
I cant seem to get the data to sync.

If you are using auto binding then you need to create a thing first for the auto bind to bind to. So when the user starts the questionnaire create a new thing but leave it blank I.e no fields - this will create a blank row in the database. Then pass this things data to your group using elements - data to a thing, select the group you want to pass the data to and the data source should be the step 1 thing you just created.

Now autobind will work in the group.