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Data tables suddenly empty

At some point between Friday morning and yesterday, all data disappeared from two tables in my database. As far as I can tell, no other data has been affected. I have rolled the database back to a time that I know the data was still there, with no luck. It appears to be completely gone.

These two tables don’t reference each other. Neither of them are connected to any workflows that would delete or modify the data in any way. They are, in fact, the two simplest tables in the database, each with only one editable field - one containing a series of images and the other containing a series of keywords.

Does anyone have experience with this? Is there anything I can do to recover what’s lost? What might have triggered it?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi there, @julia.bartine… if you haven’t done so already, you are definitely going to want to submit a bug report so Bubble can investigate the loss of your data. It’s pretty unlikely that someone in the forum is going to be able to help on this one, and I can all but guarantee that Bubble themselves would ask you to submit a bug report.

Sorry to hear about the issue with your app… best of luck with getting it resolved quickly.


Will do - thanks, Mike

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